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Every time I hear or say a word ending in -body, my mind autocorrects.
One day my oral filter will fail.

Every time I hear or say a word ending in -body, my mind autocorrects.

One day my oral filter will fail.

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Nice job, America. Way to stick it to Obama! Who does he think he is anyways, trying to give equal rights to everyone?

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I find it pretty hilarious that people INSIST that we cloppers and grimdark fans are destroying the fandom,when they are the ones sending the hate around.

As you’ve probably already guessed,I enjoy both.I don’t Shove it in anyones face,and I understand very much why people wouldn’t like it.All of the bronys Ive met that enjoy the same have been friendly,caring,and all around good people.And yes,I’ve met great “normal bronies”,ones who Didn’t care and at he worst would poke a little fun about it and be done.But then the other group,Bronies who act like puritans who would NEVER dare to corrupt a children’s show!The horror!And think that since its a childish thing THEY like,Rule 34 should never effect it!That it is pure and holy,and it should be nothing but the bubbly happy shown in the show.

Good GOD get your Head out of your ass!I may have a fetish,but this is FANTASY.All you are doing is screaming “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE!WAAAHHHH!IF  YOU LIKE IT YOU MUST BE EVIL!”


And really,if you don’t like it,DON’T LOOK AT IT.And don’t give this bullshit “BUTT ITS EEEEEVVVEERRRRYWHEREE!I CANNN’TTT NOT LOOK AT IT!”

Not true.Porn and gore is labeled and organized for you to not see it if you don’t want to.There are PLENTY of pony oriented sites that don’t allow such things.And even if you DO accidentally spot a picture at one point or another,its no big deal.Seriously.Just click that little back button.

And then I see these same people ringing out love and tolerance.Don’t say it if you aren’t going to do it yourself!

In other words,don’t judge me for what I enjoy.Judge me for how I act towards others.I’m sure you have your own kinks too.

Thank you, person, for having an opinion identical to mine. And supreme use of caps lock.

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Luna’s Fall (aka my story)


Based on idea#26:  Luna killed Celestia right after the pilot and only took her form.

By Aeleos

My beautiful fic! Go forth, my followers, and like!

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Anyways, thanks to EZHIK for the support :)

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